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Established in 2012, Made in Bury are a local company who organise premier business events, awards and exhibitions.

The Made in Bury Business Awards

The Made in Bury Business Awards were launched in 2012, and have grown considerably ever since. Now with 20 categories and the business man and business woman individual awards added in 2017, businesses from all industries across the borough can enter, from small start-ups to large businesses.


The process for entering the Made in Bury Business Awards is simple! Entrants download an application form from the Made in Bury website and answer the questions ensuring they keep the information as exciting and relevant to their business as possible. Once completed, entries can be uploaded to the website or emailed to 


In 2020, the entries open on Friday 1st May 2020.

The entry deadline is Sunday 5th July 2020.

The entries are then sent off to be scored by a panel of impartial judges, who are both sponsors and experienced and prolific members of the Bury business community.

The judges evaluate the entries they have received and score them accordingly. The six highest-scoring businesses within each category then make the shortlist.

The shortlist will be announced on Monday 14th September 2020.

The shortlisted businesses will then be invited to the “meet and greet”, where they will have five minutes to present their business to a panel of judges, followed by five minutes of question and answer session.

The judges will then deliberate amongst themselves to decide who will be awarded Best in Class, Highly Commended and Commended.

The finalists will be announced on Tuesday 6th October 2020.

You will then have 4 weeks to find a sharp suit, or beautiful ballgown to prepare for a glittering black-tie ceremony held at the Longfield Suite, Prestwich, where the winners will be announced on Thursday 26th November 2020.

If you are interested in entering the 2020 Made in Bury Business Awards, you can request an entry form by emailing or visiting the website where they can be downloaded.

We encourage every Bury based business to enter!


The Made in Bury Business Academy

The Made in Bury Business Academy was launched in April 2016 in conjunction with Bury Council, working with a limited number of carefully selected start-up businesses to give them the best possible start to develop their business.


Statistics show that 40% of start-up businesses fail within their first year, 70% of start-ups don’t make it to their 5th year of business and only 9% see success with ten or more years under their belt. The Made in Bury Business Academy was launched with a goal in mind to improve the survival rates of local start-up businesses.

From individuals who have no formal business background to larger businesses which are just branching out to work independently, the Made in Bury Business Academy welcomes a huge range of businesses, providing opportunities to learn a wide range of skills, share experiences and share best practice.

Each module in the Business Academy is designed to educate and inform start-ups about the potential obstacles which can be detrimental to growth, how to prepare for them and how to make the most of the numerous positive opportunities and support facilities which are available to ensure success.

With projects, prolific guest speakers and fantastic support from Bury Council, the Made in Bury Business Academy has seen extraordinary success in its first year, and if you are a start-up business who would like to find out about the 2020 Business Academy, simply email Ian at


The Made in Bury Brunch Club

Brunch Club is an exclusive, ladies-only networking group who meet on the 2nd and 4th Friday of each month. After plenty of research, Made in Bury found that women network differently to men, building working relationships alongside friendships, developing trust through conversation and a relaxed, informal environment.

This struck a chord with Debi, founder and managing director of Made in Bury, so she teamed up with Juliette and Kate, the ladies who run Bury BusinessLodge to host a bi-monthly networking group, with a twist!

Instead of getting up early and rushing through breakfast, or trying to squeeze as much as you can out of a lunch break, brunch was the perfect solution, particularly because Bury BusinessLodge take the opportunity as often as they can to show off their culinary skills! Brunch Club is a friendly and lively group where you can sit back and enjoy your brunch without the pressure of your usual networking group!

If you would be interested in joining Brunch Club, please email


Networking with Made in Bury

Made in Bury understand that many people find networking events difficult to attend, particularly if you don’t know who is going to be there, what sort of questions you should be asking and how to figure out if you have anything in common with the people you’d like to speak to!

To solve this problem and to help break down barriers, Made in Bury host a number of fun, themed networking events throughout the year, placing everyone on a level ground and giving them something to talk about!


The Made in Bury Annual Bowling Tournament

Hosted at Hollywood Bowl Bury, 23 teams are invited to play two games, of which the highest scoring team will win! With plenty at stake and trophies to win, there’s everything to play for! If you would like to book a team for the next bowling event, simply email for more information.


The Made in Bury Annual Football Tournament

The football tournament is without doubt one of the most anticipated networking events of the year. Hosted at PlayFootball, 24 teams will play against each other to win the trophy (and receive all the recognition and credit, of course!), before refuelling with a hearty plate of pie, mash and peas.

The football tournament gets booked up extremely quickly, so if you would like to enter your team, email for more information!


The Made In Bury Business Draw 

The Made in Bury Business Draw is new initiative, launched in May 2018, which supports Bury businesses in their formative years. 


The new, not for profit initiative will be drawn on a weekly basis, with one lucky ticket holder winning £2,000. The draw is open to all Bury businesses and their teams; this includes the whole borough of Bury, from Ramsbottom through to Prestwich.

For more information click here

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