How you can spread the cost of your new website
28th February 2017
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There are many small businesses hanging on to their existing websites because they fear the cost of developing a new one.

That’s a huge mistake.

An old website might cause your business all sorts of problems.

It may not be mobile-friendly, something search engines like Google will penalise harshly.

Google knows that more people now regularly access the internet via mobile devices like smartphones than desktop computers.

If you want to be on page one of search results for your area, this is a major obstacle.

Your existing website may well look old-fashioned and outdated. Web design has moved on hugely in the past five years.

An old site could cause problems for viewers because software is constantly being updated - while your website is not. Pages could crash regularly. There’s nothing worse than a clunky site which offers a poor user experience. Once you lose potential customers because of that, they won’t come back.

Does your website have the latest secure socket level (SSL) certificate? If your hyperlink address starts with http instead of https, you probably don’t. That means your site could fall foul of blocks in security software like MacAfee or Norton.

Your old website might actually be losing you sales and losing you money.

If you’re worried about the cost of a new website, Ian Case of Caseyoli has news for you.

“You can now pay monthly for the whole cost of your site – from web development and design to monthly hosting,” he said.

“Our prices range from £30 a month to £60 a month, depending on the type of site being developed and whether it’s an ecommerce or standard site.

“Don’t let that fear of the cost hold your business back.”

Caseyoli offers the full range of mobile-responsive websites including ecommerce sites and those where the business owner can access the ‘back office’ to help run their business.

So how do you know if you need a new site?

Take advantage of Caseyoli’s free website review which will tell you if your site has the sort of problems which could be holding back your search engine optimisation.

That could include broken links, duplicate pages, or poor content.

Ian and his team will tell you whether your site’s problems can be easily fixed, or whether a new website would be a good investment for your business.

Find out more about what Caseyoli does here:

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