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Cancer Research want you to hold a donation day!
Learn more about what causes a stroke but how you can prevent one.
Why not do something different this year and Sky Dive for Charity!
The Porthcawl Christmas Swim is back for 2016! Are you brave enough to jump in?
Don't throw away your unwanted furniture, give it to charity.
Water too cold for you? Still want to get involved? Volunteer!
Support Porthcawl Lifeguard Club
Support Porthcawl Lifeguard Club
Porthcawl lifeguard club is looking to secure funding for a solar panel project which will reduce the carbon footprint of of the club
You have probably seen the "No Make-up selfies" But who thought it would raise so much money for a fantastic cause
Buy that special gift at SCOPE’s community café Christmas fair!
Vote for Challenge Wales to win £50,000 on Monday 25 November 2013; Finalist in the ITV People’s Millions Award.
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