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13th October 2015
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Following The Best of Barnstaple’s recent post on Mexico from The Destination Lounge, I wanted to share my topical experiences of the spectacular country.

My new hubby and I pushed the boat out on our honeymoon to the exotic location of Xcaret on the Caribbean coast of Mexico. We luxuriated in ten days of Paradise.



We resided in the astounding Occidental Grand Xcaret and were treated like royalty; the manager took the time to introduce himself during his private cocktail party; we enjoyed a nightly turn-down service with honey on the pillow to guarantee us a restful night’s sleep. Our room was no less than a beautiful junior suite complete with a super-king-size bed, a luxurious lounge area leading onto the balcony and a complimentary mini-bar restocked daily. Cheers…



The hotel neighbours the astonishing wildlife centre, Xcaret Parque. The park is home to striking wildlife, from jaguars and pumas to an aquarium of tropical sea-life, including white turtles, rays, and manatees. Macaws, iguanas and other lizards roam wild around Xcaret. So wild in fact, that one morning we woke to a gecko in our en-suite!

Xcaret houses three underwater rivers in which we swam - through dark bat-caves and among blue crabs and colourful fish. At first I was unsure, but when I overcame my fears, the experience was utterly exhilarating.

The piece de resistance is, without question, the dolphins. We could view these beautiful creatures as we walked along the coast, or bathed in one of Xcarets’s beaches. Mi marido and I swam to the fence and found ourselves mere metres away from the stunning mammals -and were lucky enough to witness the participants as they were introduced to the incredible creatures.

As for ourselves, we opted for the Virgin Ahoy day-trip. We boarded a catamaran across the Caribbean Sea to Isla Mujeres.

The dolphin experience was wholly breath-taking. These magnificent mammals kissed us and carried us and lifted us out of the water. Their skin is velvet and their strength immense. To share the waters with these intelligent and gentle creatures was none other than a solely humbling experience.

Our morning’s activities were not only to swim with dolphins but to go on to feed manatees and finally to snorkel in a pool of nurse sharks and stingrays – for the latter, it took all my courage to dip my face into the waters we shared with these impressive beings before I swiftly jumped back onto dry land…

Following our trio of plunges with these glorious beasts, we enjoyed the island’s vast activities from snorkelling in the reef to kayaking around the bay. We revelled in Mujeres’ infinity pool as well as partaking of the private club’s rooftop pool and Jacuzzis. A paradisiac day.



The Mexican people are very proud of their Mayan history. Xcaret is home to beautiful architectural sites, comprising of ancient churches and towers. We were lucky enough to attend a chocolate-making demonstration, learning the history of traditional chocolate and coffee making. The coffee in that part of the world is exquisite. I am normally a tea drinker, but, during our stay, I indulged in a glorious filter-coffee every morning – we even bought some to take home. The taste of Mexico in our own kitchen.

Xcaret showcase daily and nightly shows, from traditional dances to horse shows, climaxing with the Xcaret Mexico Espectacular show - which includes a full-scale ball game with an impressive ball of fire.

Each evening the hotel unravels a traditional Mayan welcome. Mayan warriors arrive in style, adorned in impressive head-dresses as they sail into the lobby - and prove their strength with their unbelievable fire-handling skills.



Xcaret is home to three beaches, as well as a host of sea-pools. The ocean is clear and as warm as bath water. We shared the water with a host of tropical fish. Ed strapped on my goggles and remained still to get a closer look, while I shooed the scaly things away. My darling hubby then banished me to the far side of the bay..

We relaxed on swinging beach-beds and hammocks - and most of the beaches hold bars with waiters – so we could enjoy a heavenly cocktail or two on the beach..

The hotel houses several pools, one even with a bar in the water. We had to swim under a waterfall to reach it, and could enjoy a Pina Colada or Mojito beside, or even in, the pool.

We made use of the resort’s spa, enjoying a full-body couple’s massage, as well as the steaming Jacuzzi. If we weren’t relaxed by now, we never would be.



No stay on the Caribbean Coast would be complete without an excursion to Coco Bongo nightclub In the nearby Playa de Carmen. Coco Bongo is a club/show hybrid. We experienced a buzzing dancefloor, spectacular show-girls, glitzy tributes, and even trapeze artists who swung above our heads. The club chain appeared in the 1994 movie, The Mask. In the words of Jim Carry, Smoking.

Within Xcaret, we were spoilt for choice with bars – whether we were in the mood to relax on the terrace and spot the spider monkeys swinging above, shoot some pool in the sports bar, enjoy the nightly entertainment or strut our stuff in the disco, there was something different every night. Ed and I sampled each one. Arriba!

We had our pick of exquisite cuisine. From buffet restaurants to worldly diners, of course, we tried them all. Our favourites were probably the Italian and Mexican restaurants - not forgetting the beach’s fish eatery. A buffet beach-club by day, at night the building transforms into a fish restaurant overlooking the ocean. Mucho gusto.

We were fortunate enough to taste a five-course romantic meal on our own private terrace-table, complete with champagne-on-ice. The meal crescendoed with a spectacular flambé dessert as we watched the lights skip on the horizon.


We will never forget our ten days in Paradise on the beautiful Caribbean coast of Mexico. The experience left us with memories to treasure forever. We booked our trip through Virgin Holidays and were treated to high-class experience. If you prefer to keep it local, you can book your trip to this stunning part of the world through The Destination Lounge.


Now, back to reality…

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