Squatter's Rights?? Samuels Advise On How To Secure Your Property
15th December 2014
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Samuels Solicitors’ professional, reliable team are specialists in property disputes of any nature.  Squatters in properties has recently been an issue in the Courts, and Samuels wish to share the verdict with Landlords facing any similar problems.

Potentially, homes and/or property can still be lost to squatters, even though squatting itself is a crime.  After squatting was made illegal the general thought was that 'squatter's rights' would be made obsolete as criminals are, as a matter of legal principle, unable to profit from their crimes.  A High Court case from May 2014 has put paid to this though.

The judge dealing with the case (Best vs The Chief Land Registrar) said that the LASPO (Legal Aid, Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act) dealt with evictions, but not with the adverse property possession (or 'Squatter's Rights').  The Court decided that public interest would be better served by allowing criminal acts that have been made for a long time, with no complaint, to continue. 

The Court said that this allowed people to make 'good' use of property(ies) where the owner(s) cannot be found or identified.  So, owners of property(ies) will find it easier to evict squatters, but if action isn't taken fast enough Landlords could still lose their property(ies).

If you are struggling with any problems of this nature then contact Samuels on 01271 308049 for a free, no obligation assessment.  If you have any other Property issues then Samuels can help with these too.

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