Realizing the importance of good English for your North Devon business.
19th January 2015
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Being involved in a business environment I have realised that one of the most important skills is writing good English!

Whether you are writing new articles or uploading information about local events, good grammar, spelling and a eye for detail are really important. Its essential to understand what words work well together for your article to sound and look professional, and create interest and activity!

Having mastery of good spelling and grammar can help to make your writing more assertive and interesting to read. In this day and age of texting and icons we can often shortcut on spelling and lose the meaning of a sentence. But in business it’s important to get this right! It’s important for a business to look and sound professional in everything they say and do. People make judgements about things within 9 seconds of seeing them. So the same goes for the written word and the company or organisation they are portraying.

I have never done well at school in English, I never thought it was that important. But being part of a business that involves a lot of writing, I have started to understand that it’s a vital part of my skill set that I will always keep developing. 

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