National Butcher’s Week 2016 Is Between 14-20 March
13th March 2016
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To help promote this year's National Butchers' Week, Meat Trades Journal is inviting butchers in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales and England to nominate one male or female staff member they believe is the sexiest.

That could be because they are the best pie or sausage-maker or because they are always coming up with the best business ideas. Or perhaps they create great recipes or have real rapport with the customers and can turn on the charm.

Butchers everywhere will be holding events to showcase the knowledge they have to offer as well as information about getting value for money.

A recent National Butchers Week survey proved that we as a nation could do with the advice!  Two out of ten Britons interviewed thought that tofu was meat-based - while three out of ten admitted to having no idea how long it takes to cook a chicken!

Over half of 18-24 year old's were found to have no idea how to cook a Sunday Roast.  Great news, then, that in 2016 the week will encourage butchers to focus on making themselves more visible to the younger age group.

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