Making the most of quality family time in North Devon over Christmas and New Year
5th January 2015
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December is the month for putting bright lights and decorations up. Busy shopping and getting into the festive spirit before everyone breaks for the holiday. Making your homes feel even more homely and welcoming for family and friends visiting. A time to be rushing around, making sure every thing is ready for Christmas day. After the whirl wind of activity, it’s a time to treasure and to appreciate all the good things in your life.


For some people it will revolve around travelling to see their families. I spent mine making sure I had time for everyone, travelling to Ilfracombe and South Wales as its important family time for me. And it was the best present I got this year! Being part of a big family makes Christmas a very busy time but also a magical time.


I spent my Christmas day with my older brothers, step dad and his family, making the most out of the time as I don’t get to see much of them through the year. Its one of our family traditions to have a family drink together before we sit down for dinner at 3pm.  Even though it was such a short space of time it was a special day. Boxing Day I also spent it with my older brothers, dad, step mum and younger sister Jessica where I spent as much quality time with them as I could.


I went to Wales to spend New Year with my Mums family. We played family games with nibbles and cocktails on the side and being able to see in the New Year with my mum and my younger sister Tia was the best night I could have asked for. I met my cousins new baby boy and taking time to just rewind and be around the important people in life really makes me think how lucky I am to have such a loving family.


Having rested and recuperated I am now raring to start 2015 learning new skills and building on my experience in my work place!

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