Introducing Chloe Doing a Traineeship with Petroc College in Barnstaple
15th December 2014
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Hi I’m Chloe currently at PetrocCollege doing a traineeship. I’ve just started a placement with The Best of Barnstaple. I do have my own home in Barnstaple and enjoy my lifestyle very much.


My closest siblings are my 3 brothers and 2 sister’s who I try and see as regularly as I can. My mum, younger brother and sister moved to South Wales few months ago so I don't get to see them as much as I would like, but when I do we have a very special time together. My family is quite big so I count myself to be lucky having two families, as my mum and dad divorced when I was little.


Meeting new people and getting to know different personalities is a massive thing I enjoy. My personality comes across as a very bubbly person and a great listener, but I can also come across as a professional person and a quick learner. I’m keen to build my personal skills so that I can use them in my future career. I like trying out new things. I do enjoy being a creative person and creating power points together so they look good. I would definitely say I’m a very enthusiastic person!


I like to live life to the max and believe there’s no time for regrets or bad decisions. I also believe that being happy can give you the right outlook in life and help create opportunities. I’ve learnt a lot of caring skills as I took the time to become my mum’s carer a few years ago. I go out of my way to help other people to achieve what they want from their life.


I really hope by reading a little bit about me you have pictured me to be a thoughtful and caring person who likes to get involved in lots of different things. And I will put my everything into something I want to achieve. 

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Hi I'm Chloe i live locally in Barnstaple with lots of family in Ilfracombe.
I'm studying at Petroc and learning skills to do with marketing and business administration. In my spare time i enjoy spending...

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