Cheating in sport
3rd November 2011
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A sad day for sport!!!!

Why do people cheat in sport is beyond me, when they know the risks of getting caught, or did they? With three pakistani cricketers and an agent sentenced to prison, it seems the rewards for deliberately bowling no-balls and cheating were greater than the honour of playing and representing their country.

For what? Well we all know huge amounts of money was involved and the risks.

When I was growing up my Grandad instilled in me the virtues of a decent forward defence that would see me all right, where in actual fact all I wanted to do was tonk it down the pitch at the bowler. Luckily having played a decent level of cricket and golf it never once occured to cheat by dropping a ball down my trouser leg or scuffing the pitch or picking a seam on a ball to make it swing.

All I wanted was to do my best and if I lost, to be gracious, shake the other opponants hand and go and have a beer.

Funny old times.

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