A Plea From Car Drivers to Other Road Users in North Devon
1st November 2013
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Like a lot of people who live and work in North Devon, the vast majority of us rely on cars to get us from A to B and back! But there are other road users too and since the clocks have gone back they have become impossible to see most of the time.

On Monday I was driving at 4.30pm and had to brake hard as an outline loomed up at me on the road. It was infact a horserider, riding on an A road and yes, she did have a florescent slip on, but that was it. Neither she or her horse had any kind of reflective material, in sight, that car headlights would illuminate. Not on the horses tail, not on protective leg bandages, no flashing red light on her person or stirrup fastenings. All in all she was pretty invisble and the light was fading rapidly. I hope she got home safely and didn't have anymore near misses with cars or lorries.

Then today I was driving to the office at 7.30, again the light was poor. And I was nearly upon a walker walking towards me on the A377, before I saw them. this walker WAS invisible. They were wearing dark green and blended in perfectly with the hedge behind them. And fortunately I was able to swerve safely into the opposite lane, to miss them.

So whats my point? If you are road user of any kind its YOUR responsibility to be VISIBLE to all other road users. I know you can feel like an ididot in floro/reflective gear but it DOES save lives. Why do all road maintenance workers ALL wear it? They are lit up like Christmas trees from 100 yeards or more, so we see them, we're more likely to brake and proceed with caution.

On a good note I saw cyclist from over 400 yards away and cycling towards me because of the most amazing lumens headlights you can now buy these days.

So please, if you are a walker, runner, cyclist, horse rider, quad-biker or motorcyclist remember the following:

  • dark colours make you blend into the background
  • wear light colours, add reflective strips and carry lights or torches.


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However you travel in North Devon, please stay safe!



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