5 More Reasons To Fall In Love With Lundy
10th August 2015
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There are a fair few facts about Lundy that often go under the radar.  Here we tell you a few of those that make the Island truly amazing and well worth a visit.

Being such a small island, you may not expect a lot to be living there and here is where you would be mistaken. There is a plethora of wildlife including Japanese Sika deer, Brown Soay sheep, Lundy Ponies, Wild goats, Puffins and seals.  Making it the perfect place to get back to nature and appreciate all the beauty it has on offer.

Stamp collecting and Lundy are not usually two things you would hear in the same sentence.  However, Lundy’s postal service with its own stamps was established in the 1920’s almost 100 years ago.  The postal service was created by the owner Martin Coles Harman and as it still operates it is currently one of the oldest in the world!

Approximately 350 stamps have been exclusively printed for Lundy.  These issued stamps are very rare and have since become highly collectable.  So, if you are lucky enough to receive post from a visitor of the Island it will be worth keeping in mind how very special the stamp may be.

To celebrate 50 years of the founding of the Landmark Trust, new stamps showing trust properties across the UK and on Lundy have been printed with its founders Sir John and Lady Smith.

Did you know Lundy even has its own currency known as the Puffin?  The bird is synonymous with the island and that is why the currency is named after this beautiful bird.

For more information on all things Lundy call the Lundy Shore office on: 01271 863636.

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