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01 December 2008 14:41

A hard, objective look at what we were doing at home caused us to change our plans for Sunday evening.

Diane got into sorting paper, making a big pile for shredding and I emptied the tool drawer in the kitchen. She felt really good about being rid of

Training Starts Today - Hooray!!!

This morning, slightly chilly, my first run for almost a year. Little bit stiff to start with but a walk out to Evett Close, then run along Stocklake, stretching exercises outside Askey's, up Oakfield Road to Adams' Garage, cross Tring Road into King Ed

Is This Aylesbury's First Wheel Clamping?

Walking down Highbridge Road this morning I saw a car wheel-clamped near the corner with Princes Road. Haven't been up or down Highbridge Road for about a fortnight so it was a bit of a surprise.

This is the first time I've seen a vehicle clamped on


02 November 2008 00:05

Late Saturday night and I said I wouldn't go to bed until I'd written about the chocolate experience we had today.

Diane is dragging me round the shops again and she said, "I just need to go along Cambridge Street to Cafe Romano for a few minutes. Co

End of an Era...

22 October 2008 16:47

It was a sad day to-day as Aylesbury Market said goodby to Dave, who has been on Aylesbury Market for the last 35 years. During that time he has seen many changes. Dave has supplied us with fresh fruit and vegetables as long as we have lived in Aylesbur

Will Aylesbury Market Survive?

22 October 2008 15:38

Aylesbury is on TV again tonight and not as a backdrop for Judge John Deed. This time it's the BBC news at 6.30pm asking about the viability of the local market.

The Bucks Herald has it as front page news and some of our contacts among the local trad

Orthotic insoles

22 October 2008 13:29

Yesterday's visit to Simon Poole, my podiatrist in Marlow, was very informative. Apparently my feet are becoming rather rigid for one reason or another. I can see now why it was important for me to see him first before starting to train - likely to do s

A Really Good Run part 3

14 October 2008 15:47

Well, the first day's training didn't happen. I found my orthotic insoles need replacing, the top bone of the left foot arch hurts when I flex the foot in walking quickly, the right foot has ball pain and is developing a painful callus on the little toe

03 October 2008 13:43

Happy 2nd Birthday to Luna, a women's shoe, handbag and accessories boutique. To celebrate Luna's 2nd Birthday shoes will be sold with a 25% discount, this offer is until Saturday 4th October. Luna now has ladies shoes from size 8 to 12. So do take adva

Traffic Jam at School

03 October 2008 13:28

On Friday Morning I was going towards Bedgrove just before 9am and went along Turnfulong and was confronted with parked cars on the right hand side of the road, with buses trying to come along the road. However some very kind person had parked their car on

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