A Really Good Run part 3
14th October 2008
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Well, the first day's training didn't happen. I found my orthotic insoles need replacing, the top bone of the left foot arch hurts when I flex the foot in walking quickly, the right foot has ball pain and is developing a painful callus on the little toe.

I've padded the left arch support and added a metarsal bar to the right insole so that I can at least walk without pain but there's nothing I can do about the little toe because it involves more technical expertise than I have in foot mechanics.

Today I did make an appointment with a podiatrist in Marlow, Simon Poole, for next Tuesday. Last year I went to a podiatrist in Beatties, Aylesbury but this did not produce good results. I've been to Simon Poole before and would recommend him to anyone seeking good foot care.

It does mean that it'll be mid November before I can start training so I'm a bit behind schedule already. I suppose I can take some comfort in that the run is not a race but a team effort so it's endurance rather than speed I'm aiming for. That makes it a bit easier.

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