Orthotic insoles
22nd October 2008
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Yesterday's visit to Simon Poole, my podiatrist in Marlow, was very informative. Apparently my feet are becoming rather rigid for one reason or another. I can see now why it was important for me to see him first before starting to train - likely to do some damage without getting good advice.

Simon gave me a list of stretching exercises to do - normal stretches that a runner would do anyway - and also explained some of the rationale behind them.

He says my insoles needed refurbishment; I knew that which is one reason why I went to him anyway but he also added that he had changed suppliers to a more sports orientated company. However, because my insoles were of the old kind he would have to go back to the original company. Pity, I quite liked the new sample he showed me but I do look forward to putting on my new Saucony Jazz X even if the insoles are the old type.

Because the Jazz X is a cushioned shoe Simon also suggested that I might try something with a bit more support next time but that it would be fine for the time being.

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