Training Starts Today - Hooray!!!
1st December 2008
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This morning, slightly chilly, my first run for almost a year. Little bit stiff to start with but a walk out to Evett Close, then run along Stocklake, stretching exercises outside Askey's, up Oakfield Road to Adams' Garage, cross Tring Road into King Edward Ave and down Turnfurlong. Not a bad little run for a really unfit 62 year old.

A little stiff in the muscles of the inner thighs but otherwise I'll wait until Wednesday morning to be really sure of how it has affected me.

The new insoles and new shoes really do make a difference.

Some of the psychological stuff I've learned over the past 10 years will come in really useful because I'm at least a month behind schedule. Originally I'd planned to be at 10 miles in 90 minutes by end of December which, on past experience, was quite feasible.

That would put me on course to do a 60 mile run sometime early in May. Never mind, it'll be a chance to test some of imagery work I've been doing. It's supposed to work better if you have strong emotions about the subject involved and Pegasus Bridge for me has the ability to change almost any situation.

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