2nd November 2008
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Late Saturday night and I said I wouldn't go to bed until I'd written about the chocolate experience we had today.

Diane is dragging me round the shops again and she said, "I just need to go along Cambridge Street to Cafe Romano for a few minutes. Come on."

Although Cafe Romano has been open a few months I'd never been in there and I was pleasantly surprised by the welcome we received.

We had a drink and a chat with George, the owner, and sat down. Looking at the cakes on display I fancied some of the little chocolate balls - they're called "mini kisses" - so we got some to share and WOW!!! I was not expecting such an intense chocolate shock - really, really nice.

These "mini kisses" are little bits of very good chocolate cake with a chocolate cream filling and coated with chocolate. Just like something out of Willie Wonka's chocolate factory.

I was so pleased with them I kept the other "mini kisses" to give to friends. The light in their faces told me that they liked them as much as I did.

I'll be visiting Cafe Romano in Cambridge Street again this next week for some more "mini kisses" and maybe some other goodies too.

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