What is Cloud Computing and why should I use it?
24th September 2012
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Cloud Computing is a lovely expression that aptly describes accessing word processing, spread sheet or e-mail programs that are installed somewhere other than your own computer. In other words, the applications live “in a cloud” on the Internet rather than being installed on your computer hard drive.

Why is this useful?

The advantages of this are many, but include:

  • outsourced maintenance burden of servers and applications;
  • the ability to access your data from anywhere with an internet connection
  • the ability to replace occasional heavy expenditure on IT with regular and predictable operational expenditure.

What are the risks?

Risks include:

  • loss of service if your provider has downtime or goes out of business,
  • one-sided service agreements that give users little redress in the event of a problem
  • dependency on proprietary cloud applications.
One of the most common applications to embrace the cloud are accounts packages - some of the the most widely embraced being Xero. LiquidAccounts and Kashflow The advantages of being able to see your Cashflow in real time, linking banking, stock, invoicing, payroll, reporting etc. online and instantly from anywhere can be quite addictive!
If you'd like advice from a Xero and Kashflow certified advisor give Angie a call at Blueberry Business Support Services on 01235 409026
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