Trout Fishery at Millets Farm, Abingon
23rd January 2011
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Millets Farm are looking for new members for their members only trout fishing club in Abingdon. 

Millets Farm Fly Fishing Club (MFFFC) is situated at Millets Farm Centre near Abingdon in Oxfordshire, UK. Originally a commercial day-ticket trout fishery it became a club water in 1999.

Set in attractive surroundings and with easy access, the trout fishery comprises two interconnected, stream-fed lakes totalling about 5 acres. These are stocked regularly throughout the fishing season (March 1 to December 21) with triploid rainbow trout of 2 to 8lbs as well as brown trout. Vegetation around the lakes is kept low for easier casting yet provide cover for stalking.

Ample parking space is available adjacent to the lakes and there is a well-equipped fishing lodge together with a choice of restaurants at the Farm Centre. For further information call John on 01235 833425


The two lakes (Top Lake and Bottom Lake) at the Millets Farm Centre were  developed originally for irrigation supplies and later as a commercial day-ticket trout fishery. When this closed in 1999 the Millets Farm Fly Fishing Club (MFFFC) was formed and took on the lease as a members-only trout fishery.

The lakes are interconnected and supplied from a partly groundwater-fed tributary of the River Ock. The Top Lake has an area of about 2 acres and the Bottom Lake about 3 acres. The edges are steep and the depths relatively constant at about 6 to 8ft. Vegetation along the banks is kept at a level that allows easy back-casting but provides cover for stalking the larger fish and browns. The mature trees set back from the lakes enable areas of the lake to be fishable whatever the wind direction. These conditions make it an ideal location if you are new to trout fishing.

About 1000 fish are introduced into the lakes each year, aiming to maintain a stocking density of at least 60 fish/acre. The fish are supplied by Bibury Trout Farm, Gloucestershire. About 80% of the fish stocked are triploid rainbows in the 2 to 3lb range, the rest being larger fish in the 4 to 6lb range with some  up to 9lb. Browns are also stocked during the Spring at about 2lb.

The Bottom Lake is particularly good for bloodworm and buzzers, whilst the Top Lake provides the best dry fly fishing. Damsels, sedge and corixa are abundant in both lakes.

Since the formation of the MFFFC the maximum membership has been increased from 30 to 60. Double, micro-bubble aerators were installed in each lake in 2007 to maintain oxygen levels during the summer and reduce the risk of fish mortality, and together with barley straw bales are used to help control algae. The Lodge was extended in 2006 to provide new toilet facilities (including disabled) and a store for the aerator compressor. A boat, outboard motors and a weed-cutter have also been purchased or loaned.

Management advice on stocking and weed control has been provided by the Environment Agency. In addition, we have developed our own Excel®program to monitor fish catches, stock levels and visits by Members in tabular and graphical form to plan re-stocking during the year.

The MFFFC is registered with Cefas and is a member of the Angling Trust. For further information click here

Millets Farm Centre is situated at Frilford on the A415 which has easy access to the A34 at the Marcham (Abingdon) interchange (less than 30 minutes from the M40 and M4) and also to the A420 linking Swindon to Oxford.



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