Top 10 tips for energy efficiency over the winter period
29th September 2010
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from Dan Heelas from Heelas Heating and Renewables:


1.       Get your boiler serviced and your heating system inspected for energy efficiency.

2.       Get a high efficiency condensing gas or oil boiler fitted and make savings of up to 30% on your fuel bills.

3.       Upgrade to a modern control system with intelligent weather compensating thermostats/programmers.

4.       Run your heating system at no more than 19 °C and put on a jumper if you're not quite warm enough.

5.       Fit thermostatic radiator valves for greater control of temperatures on a room by room basis.

6.       During very cold periods set your heating controls to constant and run a slightly lower temperature of 18/19° C to maintain a more consistent environment.

7.       Lag exposed pipework in unheated areas and airing cupboards.

8.       Replace your old hot water cylinder (which is probably heavily scaled, unless you have a water softener) with a modern highly insulated, high heat recovery model.

9.       Draught proof leaky doors, windows and floorboards.

10.   Get your loft insulated and/or get cavity wall insulation.

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