Top 10 Things to Do In Abingdon Before You Die?
7th April 2014
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We're compiling a list of the Top 10 Things To Do In Abingdon Before You Die!  Here are some of the most recent printable and non-libelous received on our Facebook page...

1. Catch a bun thrown from the top of the town hall

2.  Have an expresso martini in the Crown and Thistle

3. Walk along the river walk in the snow with a dog

4. Sunday lunch at the Brewery Tap

5. Tea & cake in Rosie's tea shop

6. Go to the top of the museum and take a photo!

7. Run through the water jets in your pants. (Under threes only)

8.  Eat at Chaba Thai and Tiffins

9. Canoe up the Thames and the Ock and down Swiftditch

10.  Do the Ock Fitness circle by Tesco's

Come on Abingdon - we can do better than this!!  Why not join the fray and add you own suggestions - the more outlandish the better.

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