The Heritage of Abingdon’s Crown & Thistle Hotel is in caring hands
13th November 2013
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I was fortunate enough to be invited on a “hard hat” tour of the renovations taking place at the soon to open Crown & Thistle Hotel on Bridge Street.

The work undertaken has been immense and meticulous, with discoveries of hidden fireplaces, walls, beams and even a ground level culvert leading to the river under the bar – all dating back to as early as the 17th century.

Oakman Inns have invested a great deal of money and time into the project, but what struck me most was the care and integrity that is evident in all who are working on the project. Sally Strandling, a heritage consultant, spoke eloquently about the site and she has been on hand to advise the team throughout.

The focus appears to be not on maximising profit and getting the job done as fast as possible, but on preserving what should be preserved and displaying and using it to best advantage in what will be a unique, top quality modern setting.

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