No surprise - Abingdon car parking not cost effective
6th January 2011
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In an article out today from Andrew Ffrench writing in the Oxford Times the Vale of the White Horse DC this week admitted: “The increase in fees has not resulted in the increase of income of £70,000 that was forecast.” This increase was fiercely resisted by shoppers and traders alike before it was implemented and many blame it for the migration of shoppers to Didcot and Witney, where free parking is provided by shops and businesses.

The Vale council’s Conservative opposition group leader, Matthew Barber, said: “This shows that charges are a disincentive to people shopping in the towns and shows the benefits of free parking. Inevitably, there would be a cost to the council, but there would also be economic benefits.”

Peter Wiblin, joint president of Abingdon Chamber of Commerce, said: “These figures show that the current system is not working and that it needs an urgent review. Traders in the town have been pushing for free parking for two years to bring in more shoppers, but the council will not budge.”

Why don't they just give it a try for a year??

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