Is now the time to install Solar Water Heating?
22nd May 2011
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Having just received the latest gas bill for the last quarter, it seems such a waste not to have been harnessing all this free solar energy we've been having lately instead!  Solar water heating uses heat and light from the sun to help supplement your conventional water heater – this means that you use less conventional energy, cutting down costs and reducing the strain on the planet’s finite resources.

Using solar water heating can help supply up to two thirds of your domestic hot water needs, making a significant contribution to reducing your carbon footprint and easing your dependency on conventional energy sources.

Once installed, residential solar water heating systems usually require little in the way of maintenance.
Heelas Heating and Renewables in Abingdon are specialists in installing residential solar water heating equipment – and in maintaining it on the rare occasions that it needs attention.
They are happy to come and discuss your water heating needs with you, assess your premises and advise on where your residential solar water heating equipment can best be installed.

Click here, or phone 01235 239809 for more information.


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