Holiday Healthcare with Homeopathy
23rd June 2010
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HOLIDAY HEALTHCARE - By Naturopath Sue Blain.

Planning your holiday is great fun. But while it’s exciting to choose new outfits and beachwear, spare a thought for your health. Your holiday might be spoiled if you’re not well enough to really enjoy it.

Begin with a week’s detox. This is the perfect time to revisit those New Year Resolutions. With such a great incentive, how can you fail? Give your system a boost now and you’ll have the energy to cope with different foods, over-indulgence and tummy bugs. Cut down on alcohol and carbohydrates; eat healthy proteins and organic vegetables, including salads, and drink extra water to remove toxins. Take acidophilus, a probiotic, to correct the balance of bacteria in the gut.  Prepare your skin for the sun: moisturise well and increase your intake of oily fish. 

Gentle exercise, stretches and skin brushing, will aid the detox process while toning up under-used muscles.  Exercise outdoors and you’ll provide a gradual and moderate exposure to the sun. This will help protect your skin while on holiday -  alongside your sun screen of course. You might want to consider a paraben-free preparation as this preservative has been subject to some controversy recently, mainly because it can mimic the hormone oestrogen. 

Post-detoxed and well prepared, you’ll now need less protection, just a small first-aid kit for any mishaps which might occur. Herbs, homeopathy and aromatherapy can help with any skin and digestive problems and the tiny containers will take up very little space. Arnica 200c can help prevent jet lag, taken under the tongue, every 2 hours during flight. Arnica 30c is better for bruising. For any first-aid homeopathic remedies, take one 30c pill every 30 mins-2 hrs, depending on severity, for up to 6 doses. Seek medical advice if symptoms don’t improve. First-aid remedies for digestive problems

Propolis tablets - to clear food poisoning bugs                   

Ginger - travel sickness

Nux Vom 30c- over eating & drinking  (hangovers)

Arsen Alb 30c- diarrhoea, vomiting, anxieties

Skin remedies

Belladonna 30c -sunburn ,  headaches

Apis Mel 30c- insect bites , stings, prickly heat

Calendula cream-for scratches, cuts

Lavender oil-sunburn, insect stings, repellent, aids sleeping

Neem/Citronella oils-insect repellants


Happy holidays!


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