Forget the Gym and Embrace the Great Outdoors
14th February 2014
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The gym may provide effective exercise but is it a fun experience with a chance to meet and talk with others Rest assured there is a new and exciting alternative that puts the fun and sociability back into exercise while still retaining the rigour of a serious fitness programme.

In 2008 former Royal Marine Tom Alden  established TLA Fitness to promote the benefits of outdoor training and exercise classes. The aim is to combine the feel good effect of getting outdoors with an effective and serious training session. TLA's outdoor group training sessions are a great way to get fit, lose weight, tone up, make new friends and boost your confidence. They are suitable for all abilities and take place in parks and open spaces in the local area.

TLA Fitness run classes in six different outdoor locations around Abingdon and Oxfordshire, with around eight sessions a week. Tom and his team of highly experienced fitness instructors can tailor an exercise programme around your personal training needs and can also offer  private group training and core strength classes. And for the hard core athletes out there, Tom and the team can even provide specialist training  for triathlons.

Each fitness class packs a fantastic range of exercises and activities into an hour-long session – and no two classes are the same. The instructors at TLA Fitness will provide personal support throughout the session and make sure you have fun at the same time! The TLA way is to ensure you have the motivation to get the best out of your training session.

So why slog away in a sweaty gym when you can be having some serious fun under open skies – meeting new friends and getting fit at the same time?

To book a free trial class or to see the full boot camp timetable, call 07754 400401 or visit the TLA website.

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