Eat breakfast for a good nights' sleep
10th June 2010
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In an article in the Independent this week Dr Nerina Ramlakhan stressed that a major key to a good night’s sleep was a good breakfast. Contrary to popular belief that a light evening meal, eaten not too late and NOT containing lettuce or tuna (?!) is crucial, Ramlakhan suggests that conditioning the body to expect food in this waking ‘metabolic window’ plays a pivotal role in a restorative sleep. 

The theory is that by eating first thing in the day the body is reassured that there is an ample supply of food to be had and it can therefore allow the brain to gear down in the evening for sleep.

Ramlakhan emphasised that balanced exercise also plays a key part, but that duration of sleep is not necessarily something to worry about – you will need different amounts of sleep at different times. Power naps are a very effective quick fix for rejuvenation during the day. Speaking of which........


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