Dyslexia is not a Disease
22nd November 2011
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This is from an article by Sally Gardner, published in the Daily Telegraph online on 10th November 2011. For the full article click here


Leading author Sally Gardner admits she is still haunted by the jibes she faced as a child because she is dyslexic. In Dyslexia Awareness week, she insists that people need to see what dyslexic has to offer and not look at it as a negative.

It always struck me as strange that as a child I should be saddled with a word that I could neither pronounce or spell. I look back at my education with a sense of bewildered frustration, I had no idea why I should be shown a picture of a boat and when the picture was taken away I was, as if by magic, supposed to know what the picture spelt. It didn't matter how many phonic nutcases shouted at me saying B-O-A-T. Even now I have no idea whether o goes before a or a goes before o. And does it matter?


If you have a child with dyslexia, contact the Unicorn School in Abingdon to see what they can do to help turn the negatives into positives.


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