Did your family live in Victorian Abingdon?
17th August 2015
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Author: Hester Hand

As part of our Heritage Open days programme we are planning an exhibition in the Community Shop on the theme of Victorian Abingdon. It will run from 5-12 September. In preparation for that, we would like the public to take in to the library any photographs taken during the Victorian period.  The photographs can be of Abingdon people or families - portraits, wedding groups or sports groups etc, or they can be of scenes of Abingdon.


The library will scan the photographs and return them straight away but it would be helpful if you could give them any information you have about the photograph – and your contact details in case we have any follow-up questions.


We had a great response when we did something similar last year for WW1 Abingdon – of course there are fewer photos around from Victorian times but there were several photographic studios in town at the time, so hopefully some of their work survives.


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