Classic Saffron Risotto made easy!
12th March 2011
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From the Seggiano range at Added Ingredients in Abingdon:-


Seggiano Classic Risotto Range
These are so simple to use. Saute the contents in a pan, add half a jar of white wine and two jars of water, simmer until the rice is soft. Stir in a handful of parmesan and that's it. You have a delicious risotto. £4 per jar.

"Seggiano Classic Risotto (saffron): This risotto enjoys a beautifully defined saffron flavour and a perfect texture. Classy and tasty in equal measure.

Saffron risotto is really just another name for the traditional risotto alla Milanese, the famous dish that was created in Milan several centuries ago. This risotto is nicely packaged and there is enough to make two large portions or three starter-sized portions. A great choice of kit for making a satisfying risotto with ease. Asparagus and Porcini Mushroom flavours are also available in the range, as well as Nettle." From Italia Magazine. 


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