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4th August 2010
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Our local independent Abingdon shops and businesses need all the help they can get at the moment. We’d really miss them if they disappeared, but high rents, parking fees and less consumer spending in the high street mean that there is a very real danger that some might have to shut up shop, if they haven’t already.

If at all possible, it is down to us to shop responsibly and to really think about exactly who is getting our money.  Given an equal choice, would we rather give it to a large chain or a local resident trying to keep his business afloat? Yes, it might take a bit more effort, but the “feel good” factor will also kick in to make us feel that bit better about our day.

It’s the ‘equal choice’ bit that often gets cited as the reason why people don’t shop locally – it’s easier/cheaper/quicker to shop all in one place. Are these always the criteria we should apply to our shopping? The choice is up to us, but thebestof Abingdon is running a survey (in conjunction with all the other “thebestofs”) to find out what is stopping people from shopping locally within their town.

Is it the parking, lack of choice, dismal surroundings, transport? Let us know here and the results will be collated and distributed at the end of August – hopefully to be acted upon!


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