Another New Year at Utopia Beauty Salon
18th January 2017
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Author: Nikki Atkins - Utopia Beauty Salon

Well...2016 is now over and it's the start of a brand new year.  Didn't it go quickly!

I have been a little quiet on here recently, as there have been many business and personal things going on in my life that quite simply, have taken over!  But firstly I would like to say 'Happy New Year' to everyone and hopefully, you all had a lovely relaxing Christmas, as I did?

As you know we always shut down over Christmas and New Year, re-opening on 4th Jan.  To me, this is important to give our girls the well deserved rest they need after a flippin' busy month running up to Christmas!  This job can be very tiring and I feel a complete shut down is necessary for everyone to re-charge and be ready for the new year!

Christmas for me was filled with quality family time and basically doing...nothing.  Lie-ins, good food, a few films and plenty of board games.  Perfect!  I hope you all did something similar?!  New Year was much quieter - seeing it in with family and enjoying spending time together. 

Now that, sadly, all that is over - it's back to normal and back to work.

January and February are usually a little quieter for us, but provides us with the perfect time to brush up on any training.  With Georgina and Jasmine newer to the Utopia team, they've a little to catch up on, so expect to see some offers coming your way while they perfect their new skills.  Sammy has just completed her pregnancy massage training, which will certainly help us keep on top of those mums'-to-be!

And talking of expectant case you hadn't yet heard, I am expecting a little one of my own :)  So now that my bump has finally started to emerge (perhaps the Christmas food helped a little....), I will be starting to wind down on my treatments to get everything in place for when I start my maternity leave in April/May time.  I have a lot to get ready in the salon, and lots of training to sort out for the girls so that everything is taken care of when I go, so you may see me downstairs a little more than usual!

January kicked off to a good start with the launch of the new Dermalogica Daily Superfoliant - an amazing new exfoliator designed to help smooth away skin-ageing pollution.  We are all in love, and if you like the Daily Microfoliant, I can guarantee you will LOVE the Superfoliant even more!  If you haven't heard about this fantastic new product yet, you can catch up here.

This year will also see a few products being discontinued from the Dermalogica line, to make way for all the exciting things they have lined up for the coming months....but don't fret, we can let you know which ones we'll be losing and which alternative products you can use instead. Michelle is set to become a Dermalogica Expert in February, and Sammy is well on her way!  Georgina and Jasmine will be completing their initial training with Dermalogica in the next couple of months, so they'll have a bit of catching up to do - but it's a good place to start.

So I will leave it there for now - keep your eye out for any promotions and I will continue to update you all on everything Utopia .

Author: Nikki Atkins - Utopia Beauty Salon

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