Abingdon Fair - Road Closures 2014
24th September 2014
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The effect of the Michaelmas Order is that restrictions will be in place from 8.30am on Sunday 5th October, to 9am on Wednesday 8th October 2014, as follows:

1.   Prohibit vehicles from using the following lengths of road:

Market Place, High Street and The Square - from the junction with Stert Street/Bridge Street to its junction with Ock Street.

Ock Street - from The Square to Drayton Road/Spring Road between 1200 & 2400hrs daily (except for marked Royal Mail vehicles). Access permitted between 24:00hrs and 12:00hrs.

Stratton Way- from its junction withOck Streetto its junction with Bath Street 12:00 to 2400hrs daily.  Access permitted between 24:00 hrs and12:00hrs.

West St. Helen Street- from its junction with High Street to its junction withLombard Street.

2.  Prohibit waiting in:

Bostock Road - both sides, between Mullard Way and Victoria Road

Edward Street - north side, between Victoria Road and Spring Road

Mullard Way -   both sides, for its whole length

Victoria Road - west side, from a point 40 metres north of its junction with Ock Street to its junction with Exbourne Road

Spring Road - west side, between its junctions withA415 Marcham RoadandFaringdon Road.

3. (i) Impose one-way traffic in Lombard Street in the direction west to east for the Michaelmas Event

(ii) ** reverse the one-way traffic flow (vehicles under 7.5t) across St. Helens Wharf Bridge to become east to west, except for cycles which will be permitted to pass in either direction

4. Temporarily suspend No Right Turn so as to allow traffic to turn from Stratton Way into   Bath Street, to assist the diversionary route.


The effect of the Runaway Order which will be in place from 8.30am on Sunday 12 October, to 9am on Tuesday 14 October 2014 is:

        (a) to prohibit vehicles from Market Place and High Street, Abingdon, between the junctions with Stert Street and West St. Helen Street;

        (b) as 3 above

For both events, a temporary prohibition of vehicles exceeding 7.5 tonnes (excluding Public Service Vehicles) will operate entering Abingdon via the A415 Abingdon Bridge northwards; also southwards at the Oxford Road roundabout; southwards at the Wootton Road roundabout, and westwards along the Radley Road from the Audlett Drive roundabout.

The alternative route for southbound traffic will be viaWootton Road,Faringdon Road, Spring Road andDrayton Road/Marcham Road. For north and westbound traffic it will be viaEast St Helen Street, **St Helen’s Wharf,Caldecott Road,Drayton Road,Marcham RoadandColwell Drive.

There will be an alternative through route for light traffic (not exceeding 7.5t maximum gross weight) to south Abingdon via Bridge Street, East St. Helen Street, ** St. Helens Wharf Bridge, Caldecott Road, Preston Road, Drayton Road and Marcham Road. 


Exemptions are included for emergency services and for emergency works to services (highways drainage water sewerage gas electricity communications) in and adjoining the closed lengths of roads.

**The Oxfordshire County Council (St Helens Wharf Bridge, Abingdon) (One-Way Traffic) Order 1979 will be temporarily suspended.

Documents including copies of this notice, the proposed Order, a Statement of Reasons for the proposed order and maps showing the roads affected and alternative routes are available for public inspection at County Hall, New Road, Oxford OX1 1ND from 9.00am to 4.30pm Monday to Friday and at Abingdon Library, The Charter, Abingdon from 9.00am to 7.00pm Monday to Wednesday and Friday, from 9.00am to 1.00pm on Thursday and from 9.00am to 4.30pm on Saturday.


Traffic Regulations Team (Ref:PR) on behalf of the Director for Environment and Economy, Speedwell House, Oxford, OX1 1NE. Tel 0845 310 11 11.

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