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A gift is anything that has value, such as money, household and personal goods, property, stocks and shares listed on a Stock Exchange, and unlisted shares held for less than two years before death.
Inheritance Tax (IHT) can be a difficult concept to comprehend. To put it simply, IHT is a tax that is paid upon an estate of someone who has died, however, it does not apply to all estates.
After a celebrity passes away, the world often learns more about how well or poorly they have planned for the distribution of their estate, leaving behind valuable lessons about estate planning that we can all learn from.
The DIY (do it yourself) probate approach means taking on the full legal and financial responsibility to administer a loved one’s estate yourself.
It’s important to make sure your contract terms are specifically written for your business
Grounds for Contesting a Will without the fuss
Not Our Fault: ‘No Fault’ Divorce Delayed Until 2022
Changes Are Good News for Shared Ownership Properties
Employment Solicitor Alexis Lane helps explain what Settlement Agreements are
Kate Garraway And Why You Should Have a Lasting Power Of Attorney
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