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Firework and Bonfire events in Taunton
Please find a short overview of some great bonfire night/firework displays in the Bath area.
I recently discovered that The Theatre Royal has 40 standby tickets available for only £6 per ticket (or even £4 for a standing place). This is how it works:
Corrie in Bath!
Corrie in Bath!
For 50 years Coronation Street has been on TV and now Corrie! is at the Theatre Royal in Bath.
I read in the local paper that Brian May will play at The Forum 21st May, 1700 seats, tickets £29-£40 (St. James Parade) in the first two concerts of a series of up to 12 concerts.
I know for sure that a lot of people will be delighted that Mr. Cleese (I have heard that he now lives in Bath) sets down in Bath.
I spoke to Alexa Simms recently from Bath Holiday Homes, and this is what she said: "If you are visiting Bath and need accommodation why would you opt for luxury self-catering rather than a hotel? One simple reason – you get so much more..." [Read more...]
New Years Eve in Taunton 2010
New Years Eve in Taunton 2010
New Years Eve in Taunton
The Lion The Witch and The Wardrobe, well worth a visit to The Brewhouse
Great pizza and cocktails at The Lounge Italian cocktail bar and pizzeria!
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