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Help keep your community warm this winter - volunteers needed.
Swimming is a life skill that gives lifelong pleasure to the person and is a vital matter of personal safety that provides us with the healthiest of exercise. Starting early is a major step in your child’s development. National Baby Swimming Week is aimed at informing mothers to-be and new Mums that swimming is beneficial to both mother and baby from early in the baby’s life.
Our ability to see, our vision, really matters to all of us. Losing our sight is the sense that we fear losing most of all, and yet most of us don’t know how to look after our eyes, National Eye Health Week aims to change that!
Postcards are going out to all homes and businesses in Bath & North East Somerset highlighting final plans for a clean air zone (CAZ) in Bath.
1st to 30th September 2019 is Blood Cancer Awareness Month in which people across the Country are urged help raise awareness of blood cancer and lymphoma.
I am Tracey Hooper of Hands on massage therapy. When I first started on my massage journey I never envisioned where I am with it now. That was some 15 years ago now !
Clean Air Day
Clean Air Day
Would you like to get involved in Clean Air Day on Thursday 20 June?
If you ever considered losing weight & have failed ,then get Jenny Curtis from Slimming World a Ring!
Walk is School Week takes place between the 20th and 25th May. Thousands of schools will be taking part across the Country to promote the many benefits of walking. The initiative aims to help more school pupils to get active, thereby reducing pollution along with the many positive health benefits associated with walking.
National Smile Month is a splendid campaign designed to raise awareness of the benefits of good oral hygiene. A Large number of individuals and organisations will be setting up events to spread the message of the need to pay attention to oral hygiene to maintain a healthy smile, the message is important to all generations but especially so for children and young people, a nice healthy smile tells people a good deal about you and makes one look more attractive whatever your age.
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