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Savvy Somerset homebuyers can cash in on a tax-free move thanks to the “bank of Elan”
And the winner is...
And the winner is...
The winner of the Bath Business of the Year 2019 Awards
Here are Mardan's top tips for a festive removal
Has Rightmove become the new Tinder? Are we treating property apps like dating apps?
When is a property sold? Local property expert Carey explains
How do you gauge which agents are successful at selling and how accurate they are at valuing your home?
Proper estate agents
Proper estate agents
What is a proper estate agent? Here are our thoughts...
Are you concerned about the crime rate in your area? Don't wait until it's too late!
Part of our job as estate agents can be helping with overcoming fear. Whether its General Elections, Brexit, interest rates, unknown locations, perceived prejudices or difficulties understanding complicated legal jargon, we all have clients who are worried or frightened and we’re generally able to gently coax them through to cope with most of the inevitable bumps in the road .
The team from Madison Oakley is sharing May Bath property highlights.
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