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Looking for extensive and reliable garage services? Perhaps it’s that time of year again where the dreaded MOT date is looming and you’ve not yet found a reliable garage. Well, fear not, for we have fantastic garages in Abingdon!
How would you like to feel like a VIP for the day? We’re talking scrumptious food, beautiful views, the tranquility of the river and a personal service like no other! If you have a love of the outdoors and a penchant for all things nautical, you’ll be chomping at the bit to jump aboard your very own Old English river cruiser!
Need to get from A to B quickly? Perhaps your car has finally given-up-the-ghost after a good run of service, leaving you stranded in the supermarket carpark with tomorrow’s fish supper quickly defrosting in your ‘bag for life’. So what are you going to do?
Need to find a way to get you and your 6 best friends to the theatre? Transport problems making your hen party plans unnecessarily stressful? Wondering how you and your 8 mates will get to the next away game?
You may be aware that this year’s Michaelmas Street Fair will run on 5th and 6th October. The main focus of the Fair is the Market Place, High Street and Ock Street. To avoid danger to the public, the following temporary restrictions will apply from 08.30hrs on Sunday 4th October until 09.00hrs on Wednesday 7th October.
Punting is a fantastic way to explore the River Thames and view Oxford from a different vantage point. It’s also great for providing entertainment to the locals who, from the sidelines, quietly watch a slightly inebriated visitor attempt it for the first time!
The term ‘punting’ comes from the latin term ‘ponto’, meaning a flat-bottomed boat. Usually, punting takes place upon narrow boats which are square at both ends and propelled by a long pole (think Venetian gondolas, though technically those are propelled with an oar, not a pole!) and often chauffeured. We’ve compiled 10 of the best reasons you should give this quintessentially English activity a try…
Salters Steamers operate an Abingdon to Oxford scheduled boat service 7 days a week between 23rd May and 13th September (weather permitting)....
Salters Steamers operate an Oxford to Abingdon scheduled boat service 7 days a week between 23rd May and 13th September (weather permitting). Starting opposite Christchurch Meadows and finishing in the market town of Abingdon this is one of the most picturesque journeys in Oxfordshire.
Salters Steamers have been running both scheduled services and short boat trips from Oxford and Abingdon for over 100 years and are an established part of the Thames traffic in Oxfordshire in the high season. If a half day's excursion is what is required, Salter's short boat trips to Culham Lock and back might fit the bill.
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