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True Dentistry are always receiving great reviews on thebestof Bolton site. And now, they've even started to receive videos from thrilled customers documenting their positive experiences. Click hear to find out, and see, more.
Bolton Town Centre has seen a level of decline in recent years, partly due to the free parking offered by Middlebrook and the Trafford Centre. However, moves by Bolton Council this year should see a turnaround. Click for more.
It's almost that time of year again where it's deemed appropriate to set large piles of wood on fire and make the loudest bangs possible. There's always so much going on in Bolton around this time, from large public bonfires to small private ones, firework displays, and foods that only work during this holiday. So here's a taster.
Fed up of wearing your suit to work, or your uniform to school, every day of the week. Then why not get your organisation involved in Jeans For Genes Day, which also raises money for those with genetic disorders. Click to find out more.
Bolton Lads & Girls Club, the largest youth centre in the UK, has been helping the young people in Bolton for over 20 years now. But, each year, it's funding starts at zero, and it is only through the hard work and astounding kindness of the local community that it is able to continue. And you could be a part of it all. Click to find out more.
Fidgets Soft Play Centre (Bolton) is all about helping little people have big adventures. And they are hosting a number of parties over the coming month, culminating in the Christmas period. Click for more information.
It's been a busy Summer in 2012, especially for the team down at Deryl Whittakers Northern Academy of Dance & Stage. And, to carry on the trend into Autumn, they are launching new gymnastics classes, taught by an Olympic coach. Click to find out more.
After the 2011 edition proved to be a runaway success, The Tear Drop Ball returns once again to raise money for the children's charity Wipe Your Tears, a charity headed up by Damian McCoy of Bolton-based business Cost & Expense Solutions.
The Summer Holidays are upon us, and the time is coming for the dreaded phrase to be uttered once more - "I'm Bored". But, you don't have to become a victim, check inside for so many ideas of what to do in and around Bolton you'll struggle to find time to fit them all in.
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