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Are These Your Stolen Items?
Are These Your Stolen Items?
If you've been broken into or had any of your property stolen in the last few months, now is your chance to see if you can get your stuff back. Derbyshire Police have just released pictures of a large number of items they think have been stolen from within the Amber Valley - are any of them yours?
Want to know which roads will be closed and when? We keep you right up to date in our community service blog...
Schools across our area have sent letters home this week to announce that they will be closed on Tuesday 1st October 2013 due to strike action, but what are the actual issues that are causing the problems?
Derbyshire County Council’s Trading Standards Service want to remind residents to think very carefully before agreeing to any work on the doorstep.
It seems everybody has a view about the proposed new Morrisons in Ripley, with some for, and others against the plans. If you want to find out more of the details and have your say on the issue, make sure you go along to one of these public exhibitions next week...
Schools across Heanor and Ripley are reporting an increase in cases of head lice; do you know what to look for and how to treat them?
Residents in Derbyshire are invited to fight back against fake lotteries, get rich quick schemes and bogus prize draws. The 11 day Scamnesty project started on 20th May and runs until the end of the month.
If you need help with a housing problem, got a dispute with your landlord or are facing potential eviction, there is a new service in Ripley that can help you.
Have you seen the flags flying along Ilkeston Road today? Do you think they're flying for St George's Day, or are you one of the people that think they're there to celebrate Mrs Thatcher's funeral? We confirm exactly why they are there in our latest blog...
Following a spate of incidents recently across our area, all Amber Valley residents are being encouraged to report anything they see to police, even if they feel it may be trivial or are worried they are wasting the police's time. It might just make a difference!
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