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If you suffer from back problem or chronic pain, let us recommend a solution. Osteomyologist Nic Aldous Backcare Clinics are the only practices in East Anglia to offer the revolutionary Theraflex treatment to mobilise the spine. When combined with other gentle techniques such as CranioSacral therapy, provides a fast and effective long lasting treatment which has brought relief to many people who have tried other treatments without success.

If you suffer from back pain, finding a treatment that makes a real difference is life changing. We recommend taking the short journey from Woodbridge to the BackCare Clinic in Ipswich for treatment with Osteomyologyist Nic Aldous.


If you live near Woodbridge and suffer from a bad back, we have just the client for you. Nic Aldous has been treating pain and practicing physical medicine for the past 15 years. He has a strong following of clients who swear by his techniques for relieving back problems and chronic pain - and his Ipswich clinic is only a short drive from Woodbridge.


Nic is an Osteomyologist. The word "osteo" menas bone and "myo" means muscle - so osteomyology is all about looking at the two together rather than focusing on just one or the other. All osteomyology practitioners have a background in one or several treatment forms, and use this approach to help people suffering from long term back pain.


He specialises in using Theraflex to mobilise the spine. His clinics are the only ones in East Anglia to offer this revolutionary treatment and when combined with other gentle techniques, such as CranioSacral therapy, provides a fast and effect treatment which has brought releif to many people who have tried other treatments without success.


His treatment is great at finding long lasting results in just a few sessions - unlike some back care practitioners who ask you to return week after week with the ongoing cost that involves.


Our backs are integral to our wellbeing - as anyone who suffers from back pain will tell you. So Nic recommends having check-ups every now and then to make sure you maintain good back health.


Nic has patients travelling to his clinic from as far as the North Norfolk coast and west of Cambridge - so you can be sure that the quick drive from Woodbridge will most certainly be worth it.



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