Just 42
  • Woodbridge Youth Centre
    The Avenue, Kingston Road
    IP12 4BA
Charitable organisation Just 42 provides a supportive, stimulating environment for young people in Woodbridge

Making a positive impact on the lives of young people and children in rural Suffolk.

Our mission is to deliver innovative, high quality and professional youth and children's work to facilitate the social, emotional, physical and spiritual development of young people and children.

Why the community needs us

Just42 is the only charity delivering youth work in this rural part of Suffolk. We work with 300 children every week in 21 clubs and projects based in Woodbridge and 10 outlying villages. The young people we support deal with: rural isolation, bullying, low self-esteem, special educational needs, drug/alcohol abuse, complex family issues, school exclusion and criminal behaviour.

Our impact on the community

We inspire children and young people to succeed and fulfil their potential. We engage 2,100 different young people per year through our weekly clubs, sports coaching, mentoring program, schools work and school assemblies. We embrace the most disadvantaged or excluded, and those with special needs, giving support, advice and help.


Please look at our website for up to date information about where we run youth groups and our children's clubs, also to find out more about our mentoring project. You can also find out more about supporting our work through volunteering, attending a fundraising event or donating money.


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