Seckford Foundation
  • 1 Seckford Street

    IP12 4LY
Charitable organisation The Seckford Foundation (based in Woodbridge) is a foundation for life and a boon to the local community

Woodbridge owes so much to Thomas Seckford.

Thanks to him, Woodbridge boats some of the finest education and care facilities in Suffolk. The Seckford Foundation charitable organisation was formed in his honour and supports The Seckford Almshouses (caring for the elderly community), the Woodbridge School (giving local youngsters the very best start in life) and the Deben Family Centre (providing care and support to young families).


The Seckford Foundation is committed to preserve two core values which Seckford undoubtedly upheld: the belief in our power to achieve and the inherent value of people. And that is why The Seckford Foundation charity is so committed to the care of young people in Woodbridge – and to the care of the elderly in Woodbridge.

More than that, The Seckford Foundation extends its support to anyone within a forty mile radius of Woodbridge, irrespective of their background or status.

The charitable organisation is run like a community; charity trustees and officers have a wide range of expertise covering charity law, education, care and the provision of grants. They care for the wellbeing of Woodbridge; but they need your help.

As a charitable organisation, The Seckford Foundation depends in large part on your generosity. Every charitable donation you make helps them to continue to care for our community. 

Each and every charitable donation is gratefully received.

As a registered charity The Seckford Foundation can reclaim tax on any donation, (so a generous donation of £100 would actually be worth £128)! In addition to donations, benefactos are invited to leave a legacy, sponsor a child or simply support some of their local events. Whether you’re able to make a donation or not, you can help!

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