Seckford Theatre
  • Woodbridge School

    IP12 4JH
Seckford Theatre in Woodbridge comes under the category of community theatres and genuinely lives up to its billing!

So what does it mean to be a community theatre?

Essentially it means that theatre should be accessible; that it should be used as a vehicle for local productions and that it should cater to all tastes. Above all, it means that everyone is welcome. They’re the main requirements of true community theatres. Seckford Theatre in Woodbridge is a prime example.

Seckford Theatre also ranks as one of the newest theatres in Woodbridge. Completed in May 2006, it is equipped to cater for the requirements of any theatrical production, concert or musical. It can host children’s theatre, ballet and even opera.

The staging itself is versatile enough to accommodate the requirements of in-the-round productions, thrust stage or conventional proscenium arch. (And there isn’t a bad seat in the house!)

Seckford Theatre really is accessible in every sense.

It’s conveniently located just off the A12 in Woodbridge and within the grounds of Woodbridge School with ample parking on site. And with a theatre capacity of 350, it’s big enough to host some of the ‘big box office’ hits and travelling theatrical productions that other local theatres can’t accommodate.  

But this isn’t about logistics; it’s about getting out there and enjoying the fruits of local theatrical productions; it’s about modern theatre and musicals; it’s about compelling drama. Seckford Theatre in Woodbridge is a community theatre in the truest sense. It speaks to the community and it speaks for the community.

Box Office Hours 10am-4pm Monday to Friday

On Performance days including Saturday the box Office is open until 7:30pm

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