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A worrying ITV investigation that was broadcast recently found that online retailers and hundreds of market stalls were selling counterfeit beauty products, some of which contain dangerous chemicals such as lead, mercury, cyanide, arsenic, paint stripper and even faeces!
The internet is full of hacks and advice about how to look younger, some of which can be quite weird – coffee enema anyone? Other advice can be contradictory, for instance, one scientific study says smiling makes you look younger, another says it makes you look older. So what are you to believe?
A new campaign has launched to get children and young people in Hertfordshire to #JustTalk about their mental health.
If the cold bitter weather has taken its toll on your lips, leaving them dry and cracked, take a look at the tips from Face & Skin in Welwyn Garden City to get them back to their best.
Make Healthcare Local
Make Healthcare Local
Make Healthcare Local is the campaign for increased access to acute and outpatient healthcare services in Welwyn Hatfield. Sign the petition and share your healthcare experiences.
Gardening and Your Health
Gardening and Your Health
The Osteopathic Centre in Welwyn Garden City share some advice on keeping fit and healthy in the garden this summer. Take care of your back!
12 week men’s weight management course starting in Welwyn Hatfield starting Thursday 27th April at Stanborough School
Under 5’s in Welwyn Hatfield are being encouraged into healthier eating habits thanks to new health and nutrition training provided to children centre staff.
Why Gymophobics in Welwyn Garden City is the perfect place for ladies to get in shape
Gymophobics Low Sugar Diet
Gymophobics Low Sugar Diet
The importance of a low sugar diet to healthy living
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