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6th January 2017
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Here at thebestof Watford, we have heard of those mythological creatures that stay pretty much the same size month after month, year after year. 

You know, those people who can reel off their dress measurements without thinking. Those people who don't have to consider the effect that massive Toblerone they ate last Tuesday, the takeaway consumed on Friday and the Sunday lunch with all the trimmings had on their hips and waist...

Here at thebestof Watford, we are not those people. We fluctuate. A lot. Christmas comes and goes and we're about a stone heavier than we were in November. Summer hits and after a couple of months of being careful, we don't look half bad in that strappy dress or those cut-off jeans. 

However, this 'routine' can play havoc with your wardrobe. Trousers go from being too tight to too loose and every few months there is the inevitable 'I really should get some new clothes as nothing fits anymore.

There is an answer. Alterations and tailoring should be part of everyone's clothing budget. Why? Because good tailoring can transform something that looks 'ok' to a piece of clothing that is perfectly contoured to your lines. And alterations can provide those ill-fitting clothes with a brand new lease of life. It doesn't take many trips to somewhere like Esmeralda J's Exclusive in Watford to see how much better clothes can look with just a little bit of extra attention.

And we promise, once you've discovered the magical delights of your local tailor, it'll be almost impossible to return to those days of the 'mediocre fit'. 

Let the team at Esmeralda J's Exclusive work their magic on your wardrobe!

Based at New Road Dry Cleaners on New Road in Croxley Green, Watford, Esmeralda J's Exclusive is owned by Jumana Vanat, who has been dressmaking since childhood.

Her busy shop offers a wide range of services, including repairs, alterations, zip replacements, embroidery and beading.

Whether you need sleeves or hemlines shortening or lengthening, or need garments to be taken in or let out, you can put your trust in Esmeralda J's Exclusive. 

Repairs and alterations usually take between three to five working days to complete, so in less than a week's time you could be enjoy better fitting, better looking clothes at a fraction of the price you would spend on a new wardrobe.

Want to know more? Please click here for further information about Esmeralda J's Exclusive in Watford.

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