Warwick to become a World Heritage Site?
2nd September 2008
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Could Warwick Become a World Heritage Site?

Councillors at Warwick District Council are hoping so and considering whether an application could be submitted. Warwick District Council are considering applying for Warwick to be recognised as a World Heritage Site and be recognised alongside places like Sydney Opera House, The Taj Mahal and Stonehenge. Other sites in the UK listed by Unesco, who regulate World Heritage Sites, are Durham Cathedral and Castle, Bath City Centre, and the old and new towns of Edinburgh. The idea was proposed by Councillor Elizabeth Higgins who believes the move would help conserve old buildings and prevent unsympathetic new building in the town. (I would hope this kind of policy exists already for Town Planning in Warwick!?).

There is no doubt such an accolade would be great for Warwick but John Archer, the head of planning for Warwick District Council warns that the standard needs to be very high to qualify- "representing a masterpiece of human genius", "of outstanding example of a type of building, architectural or technological ensemble or landscape which illustrates a significant stage in human history."

The process of developing a nomination for Warwick to be a World Heritage Site would be very costly with no guarantee of success. Personally I think it would be excellent for the area if Warwick could secure such status.

Do you think Warwick District Council should pursue World Heritage Site status or do you think it would be unlikely to be granted and so money would be wasted in the application process?

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