Types of commercial windows
31st August 2016
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There are different types to choose from depending on your budget, building type, nature of business and marketing strategy. Check below the different types and decide which is best for your building.


It is the number of panes that serve as the structure your window. The more panels installed, the better as insulation of heat and noise can be affected by the number of panes installed. Some companies manufacture panes made up of plastic and glass. A lot of business owners prefers this kind as the combination of glass and plastic is much cheaper against the full- glass panes.


Most commercial buildings use a glass window six times stronger than those being used in residential constructions. Also, tempered glass is widely known as it is the one required by the law because it usually break in small pieces which are much harmless than the usual large broken pieces of residential- grade glass. Another kind of window glass that most companies use is the laminated glass which is made by sticking a thick plastic between two glasses that make it stronger against shattering.

Reflective coating

This kind of glass window is commonly used for commercial buildings that are usually hit by direct sunlight. From the name itself, this windows acts as a giant mirror that reflects the sunlight pushing away the heat from the building and offering good privacy.

Standard and High- Performance Tint

Standard tint is basically tinted windows that offers privacy and keeps heat from directly getting through inside the building. Standard tint usually uses gray and bronze- tinted glass to ensure privacy but it keeps the natural light getting into the room but as for high- performance tint, it lets more light pass through while keeping off the heat.

Low E Coating

This is the best coating that you can use for your glass windows. It maximises the amount of light that can illuminate your building while keeping off the dun’s heat.

Choosing the right window for your building is as important as choosing the people who will install it for you. To have the best window installation service, contact Warwick Glass & Glazing Ltd and get the best team working on your building.

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