The Importance of writing a Will - Don't bury your head in the sand!
18th October 2010
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Two out of every three people in the UK play a game of chance every day of their lives -   that’s how many people have not made a Will. 

With such busy lives, it’s easy to forget how difficult things could be for our loved ones after we’ve gone if we don’t record our wishes properly or put arrangements in place to prevent tax having to be paid from our estate unnecessarily following our death. 


Did you know that if you died without a Will (“intestate” as it’s called):


-         the State (not your spouse or partner or parents) would decide what happened to your money, property and possessions?

-         if you are not married to (or in a civil partnership with) your partner, they would inherit nothing from your estate?

-         your spouse/partner would not necessarily inherit all of your estate even if you are married (or in  a civil partnership) under intestacy rules?

-         the courts (not your parents or relatives) would decide who looks after your children until they reach 18 – which may not be the person/people that you would want to look after them?

-         your estate may be subject to an inheritance tax liability greater than it would otherwise have been had you made some simple arrangements through your Will?

-         any loved  family pets may be given to shelters or charities to look after or, in extremis, be put down?


Everyone with testamentary capacity (over 18 and of sound mind) needs a professionally drafted Will to ensure that their wishes are fulfilled after they pass on.  This ensures no family arguments, that spouses/partners are catered for, that children are taken care of, pets looked after and the taxman getting only his fair share of the estate. And a properly drafted Will need not be expensive.


Don't delay - Do it today!!


For some initial advice why not contact:- 


Check out the Offers page for a great deal from one of our members on getting started:- 


It's easy, inexpensive and will make you feel so much better knowing that everything is in place, should the worst happen. We can't predict accidents, so be prepared and take action today!

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