Royals's Gregg Swinburn is making his way back to blighty!
6th July 2011
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Gregg has been travelling and playing semi-professional Rugby League for Chicago Stockyarders.

Royals's Gregg Swinburn is making his way back to blighty! image

Gregg Swinburn, a young forward who started playing for Leamington Royals a few years ago is on his way back to blightly after a brief stint with the Chicago Stockyarders (Midwest Rugby League) who will play in a newly formed National Rugby League competition next year.

Gregg speaking in the USA said "I will be training with the team and hope to be involved in a few games, playing semi-professional rugby league for Chicago Stockyarders will be a great experience. I also hope to play in a few exhibition matches which they have planned out here during my stay."

Chicago Stockyarders are the only midwest RL team, and compete in the AMNRL premier. Soon both governing bodies USARL and AMNRL will conjoin to have a semi-professional rugby league league next year. 

Gregg says "Hopefully after performing well I will get the chance to come over again, its a step up playing for the Royals where I play within the midlands now. Obviously i'm very excited and hope to come back a better player and help the Royals with the rest of their season, as well as use some new techniques to improve our game."

The club hopes Gregg has learnt a lot from his time in the USA, and hopefully we'll see him back in a Royals shirt soon ready for the rest of the season.

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